Nutrition Overview

A Basic Nutrition Overview:

Nutrition is a very touchy subject and one that a lot of people overlook when trying to lose weight, gain muscle, etc. However, I can tell you that I have tried A LOT of different nutrition methods and I have a few favorites and few that I loath. As I share in my Fitness & History page, I used to be a Beachbody coach. As a coach, I was expected to follow the meal plans prescribed by the experts of Beachbody; this usually meant drinking Shakeology and using the 21 Day Fix plan. I did both.

I bought and drank Shakeology for about six months before I lost the love for it. It was tasty, that’s for sure, but I could not get over the price tag. As for the 21 Day Fix meal plan – I used it religiously for those full two years and after I quit as a coach I would still use the plan by accident. By the time I quit coaching with BB, I had learned how to “eye-ball” the portion sizes of food groups quite easily and I found myself using this plan for a while after stopping with the actual containers. I think this method is perfect for someone who has to lose a lot of weight – it teaches you HOW to use portion control.

I should mention that I was vegan for almost one whole year while using the 21 Day Fix meal plan – it is possible!

Alright, I said it, now I have to explain my veganism. I went vegan my Freshman year of college. I was so terrified of the “Freshman 15” that I did what any young girl would do – obsess over what she ate…at all times, every day, every meal. I am pretty sure, looking back on it, that I had a serious eating disorder. Or at least an unhealthy view on food. I was not fat and I worked out consistently, but I always feared gaining weight. Along with this fear, I had always had digestion issues. I wasn’t sure if I was lactose-intolerant, had a gluten allergy, or was simply eating unhealthy foods when I thought they were healthy (which A LOT of people actually do). I decided that going vegan would determine if dairy or meats were the reason for my bad digestion history.

My goal was to be a vegan for one whole year. I wanted to see how my digestion would react and I also wanted to see if I could lose any weight – typical college girl. I was a strong vegan all through my first semester, Thanksgiving and Winter break, and into my second semester of my Freshman year. That was when I met my current boyfriend: a red-meat-eating hunter/fisher/animal-killer! Okay, he isn’t that obsessed with killing animals but he does love his meats! He was amazed that he had fallen for a girl who didn’t eat meat….let’s just say that first three months together were tough because he never knew what I could or couldn’t eat. I eventually quit being a vegan. I had survived about 8 months of the 1 year goal.

I had started Beachbody before I gave up being a vegan, so after returning to a “regular” American diet, I followed the 21 Day Fix meal planning. I used this method for two years.

In my first six months of being a vegan my Freshman year of college, I was able to lose an astonishing 15 pounds. Who said the Freshman 15 were GAINING pounds? I considered it my Freshman 15 of LOSING pounds. Though I had lost a lot of weight, as soon as I went back to eating regular foods again, I gained all of that weight back, though I didn’t notice it…

The summer after my Junior year, my boyfriend and I went to my hometown to visit my parents and family, as we liked to do once or twice a year. It was an amazing vacation full of fun and laughter. After the vacation was over and it was back to life in Florida, I went ahead and uploaded all of my vacation photos onto Facebook, as I did shortly after all of my vacations. As I was looking at the photos, a flash of a scarring memory went through my brain: while on vacation, my niece, who was then only 6 or 7 had asked me if I was “going to have a baby.” I laughed it off and didn’t think anything of it until I saw the photos I had posted to Facebook.

I looked unhealthy and bigger than I had ever been in my life. I weighed myself and I was a shocking 155lbs. Okay, okay, that’s not very heavy. However, I am only 5’3” and I have always been around 130lbs (the average weight of someone my size is between 130-140lbs). The lowest I ever weighed was 123lbs, after that first six months of being a vegan my Freshman year. I hadn’t realized how much weight I had gained. In two years and three months, I had gained 30 POUNDS! **One thing that could have swayed this information was that I started a new birth control…but I am still researching if this could have been the cause.**

I decided that I was going to return to my old vegan lifestyle from my Freshman year, and this time, I would make it the entire 12 months! I started vegan-living in July and hoped to be back to my old self by July of the following summer. Nine months into my vegan year I noticed that I was tired, a lot. I had borderline anemia when I was in high school – probably caused by a past eating disorder – and I figured that I wasn’t getting enough Iron or possibly Protein in my diet. I was very structured with my veggie-based proteins so I wasn’t too worried about my protein intake; however, I didn’t want to chance it. I decided to incorporate fish and seafood into my diet.

The last three months were vegan plus fish…whatever that’s called. I am not sure that eating the fish really effected me all too much but when I weighed myself on the one-year mark of being a vegan (half-vegan for three months) I was 140lbs. I had lost 10 pounds in one year. I hadn’t changed my fitness routine other than starting to workout on my own instead of watching the BB videos from when I was in college. 10 pounds from going vegan.

Because being a vegan was a struggle, I went back to my “regular” foods. Since then, I have been eating in various fashions. I have tried gluten-free, intermittent fasting, the 28in28 meal plan, and macros counting. Macros counting was the one eating habit that gave me the most dramatic results. I found that planning my meals with macros made my goals become reality. I gained what I wanted to (muscle) and lost what I didn’t want (fat), just my couting macros. I did this for a few months but let’s be real – it took A LOT of concentration and practice. It took too much of my time.

The 28in28 meal plan that my boss at TrYumph created was one meal plan that I could dig my hands into. It was easy to follow and I didn’t have to count anything. It is what I follow the most often for the last few months. Along with using the basic outline of the 28in28, I have also added in two or three intermittent fasting days per week (please check my blog page for an upcoming I.F. post to learn more). Since starting this routine, I have not only shredded down about 3% body fat but also, I can fit back into my skinny jeans! AND GUESS WHAT! I am averaging about 144lbs. MORE than I was when I used to think of myself as skinny. I am not fat, but I am far from skinny, I am STRONG!

More recently I watched the documentary What The Health on Netflix. This documentary warns against the bad things certain foods can bring into your life. I have been contemplating bringing a vegan lifestyle back into play because of this, but I will keep you posted on any changes that I may make.

Keep in mind that I am not a nutritionist, though the next certification I plan to get is a Nutrition certification through NASM. I have tried many diets and lifestyles; some worked while others didn’t. Everyone is different and with that being said, I cannot prescribe a “perfect” plan for you. I can help you if you have any questions though! Go to the Contact Us page for my email or comment below with questions!

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