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Workouts Debunked 1.0

Welcome to my Workouts Debunked video series!

My Workouts Debunked series is centered around exploring workouts that are recommended to the public that may, or may not, hold accurate information. I will be using various workout programs from the world of the internet. I will try them out and let you know if what they claim to be true, is in fact true or not. Testing out these workouts is going to be fun for me because I used to be one of the Pinterest fitness followers; I would look up workouts to do on Pinterest and that was my workout routine. I changed it up every day and I loved it. However, I look back and realize that many of those workouts claimed to be more, or give more results, than they actually did. I’ve tried them all and now I am going to try them all again, but this time, I will document these workouts and share them with you all! Some will have positive outcomes, some negative, and some will be in-between.

This video series will be once or twice a month at minimum. If you would like to receive notifications for when I post these videos, you can follow me here on my page by submitting your email via the “Receive New Post Updates:” and hitting the “Subscribe” button at the bottom of this page. Want another way to get notifications? Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel via this link. I would love your support and encouragement. Also, if you have any workout suggestions to debunk, you can email them to me or send them to me via Pinterest:


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Here is the first of many Workouts Debunked videos, enjoy:

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