My Month of Hot Yoga

My Month of Hot Yoga: Final Takeaways

Week 4 has come and gone,

without much change from what I wrote in Week 3. I was so excited to start this month long challenge of hot yoga, that I didn’t anticipate failure or lack of completion, but that is exactly what I found. The best part about blogging is telling the Truth, so here it is: I failed my month long yoga challenge, but not without trying to succeed first.

Week 4, I had planned out to go to three or four hot yoga sessions, figuring I should get my money’s worth out of the deal, the whole $30 I spent. I scheduled out the week to attend Monday evening, Wednesday evening, Friday morning, and possibly Saturday afternoon as well. I ended up attending the following classes: Zero, Zip, Nada, None.

Monday morning, I packed my bag for hot yoga, put it into the car, and fully intended to go to class at 4:30pm. However, life happens. On Sunday, I had felt Really tired and sick all day, I slept through my church alarm and did not attend a friends Scentsy party that I had been looking forward to going to. Come Monday morning, I said, enough is enough, I have to pull my shit together. But then, my boss’s wife invited me to go to a church event that evening with her and the friend who’s event I had missed the night before. Since I had missed church the day before, I really needed some spiritual guidance. I said “yes” without even flinching. I ended up having a killer workout with my boss and co-workers instead of going to yoga, followed by going to Best Women’s Worship and Word event ever! No regrets for missing my hot yoga session on Monday.

Tuesday I thought about going to yoga after work, but it just didn’t work out the right way. Finally, Wednesday came around and I was determined to attend at least one more session within the week. Well, that didn’t happen. I ended up working out with my boss and co-workers again and felt I couldn’t get through a whole 90 minute class.

Come Thursday, I had no opportunity to attend hot yoga. Friday rolled around and I did not find any reason for going to hot yoga. If I had missed the last two weeks, obviously it doesn’t mean much to me anymore. Come Saturday I did my 90 minute class at work and I would not be able to go to hot yoga because of a birthday party I had committed to.

So, what is my overall take on Hot Yoga?

It is not for everyone.

I loved hot yoga in the beginning and what it gave to me physically, though I never got that yoga “high.” I was not able to get there as much as planned and that is because I have a very busy and committed schedule. Apart from working over 40 hours a week, I workout, write, and read consistently. I couldn’t take away from that “me” time to justify going to yoga. On top of that, I lost the motivation to go. I have done yoga in the past, but I just couldn’t get past that 90 minutes – and once your in there (at least at the studio I attended), you can’t leave. Yoga is not for everyone.

Am I glad I did this challenge?

Yes. Even though I may have failed, comparatively to what my original goals had been, I did succeed in many ways! I challenged my body to do something that I was not used to, or accustomed to doing. I am feeling a little leaner, but I doubt that is because of the yoga. I feel that failure is a teaching moment and I am going to use this failure to push myself forward.

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