My Month of Hot Yoga

Week 3 Summary

Week 3 was dated October 13th through the 19th.

This week was a failure for me, when it came to hot yoga. The classes I attended this week: ONE CLASS, Monday, 10/16 Bikram Yoga. Yes, I only completed one hot yoga class. I think the first two weeks went well but something clicked within me, in a negative way. I noticed myself being really hyped up with negative energy. I was aggressive and impatient when it came to just about Everything! My boyfriend hated me this week…

The only thing that I have changed within the last few weeks was adding in the Hot Yoga challenge. I don’t know about what you’ve heard, but I have always heard that hot yoga is supposed to Calm people, not stress them out! Okay, so I don’t know if hot yoga is the reason that I went crazy, but my stress levels have been way up.

Here’s how it all happened:

I started my month long challenge of hot yoga in the end of September. I LOVED it, as you can read in my old posts, here, here, & here. However, as I continued to attend hot yoga, I found that I was really irritated about the amount of time I was spending at the studio. Ninety minutes is a very extended period of time when it comes to working out. I am accustomed to working out for about thirty minutes to an hour – there really isn’t a need to be exercising more than that any given day.

When I attended yoga, I was also “trying” too hard to get that “hot yoga high” that you hear about. My first session the instructor spoke about that feeling of exhaustion paired with a euphoric feeling. She said she didn’t experience it until an hour after her first session. So, after being in class for ninety minutes and not feeling this “high,” I figured I would get it later on that night. It never came.

I do pretty intense strength training on a weekly basis and I have had that muscle burning “high.” I have also ran a lot in the past and I have experienced that running “high.” So, not feeling the same benefit from the hot yoga, and expecting too, kind of upset me. I didn’t get that same rush and intensity. Unfortunately, that was one of the things I was looking forward to most. Downer!

Since I wasn’t getting that “rush” or “high,” I was getting bored. When you get bored of something, it’s hard to enjoy it. I think that is partly where my negative energy came from. When I get bored of something, it is pretty hard to get me to continue with it.

Unfortunately, this challenge has not been all I have hoped it to be. Attending only one class this week was bad, but I do not actually see myself continuing on to week 4…

We shall see…………..


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