6 Week Rolling Challenge

I am a trainer.

As a trainer, I am expected to keep up with my health, fitness, and nutrition. That is somewhat a part of my job if I want to be successful within the industry. I am the one who is supposed to motivate and encourage others to keep up with their health and fitness, and I am supposed to do what people “should” be doing. In theory, I should eat perfectly, workout consistently, and live the life of a dedicated health “nut.” The issue is, I am human! I am just like you! I need support, motivation, dedication, drive, etc. Everyone has struggles, so why would I be any different. I have days where all I want to eat is ice cream and wine, other days I want pizza, cookies, or beer. But, as a trainer, I can’t have those urges, right? Wrong! Everyone has those cravings and that IS OKAY!

Another aspect of being a trainer is that I have to be “on” all the time. When I have clients come through our front doors, I should be energetic, engaging, and ready. Usually, I am. But again, there are days where that is difficult. Sometimes I need an energy drink, some BCAA’s, or a good cup o’ coffee to get through a class. I have learned how to keep my energy up when I need to and when to calm my body down when I need to conserve energy for later. It is difficult at times, but it’s all possible with practice.

Recently, I have been in a “funk” where I just cannot eat healthy, workout to my fullest potential, and my drive is no where to be seen. This was one of the reason I started doing my Hot Yoga challenge – to recharge with something new. Challenges give me the drive to do something different, it keeps me on my toes, and helps me to stay away from unhealthy choices.

With all that in mind, I decided to try something that I haven’t done yet with my company. I am going to join one of our challenges. We started a six week challenge at work. Clients weigh-in and do their “before” picture within a given time frame. Six weeks after their weigh-in date, they do their weigh-out and “after” picture with us. I decided to join this challenge along with some other co-worker / coaches to keep things moving.

My start date was Thursday, October 12th, meaning my end date is Wednesday, November 22nd, the day before Thanksgiving. I weighed in, took my before picture, and I had my boss do my calipers to measure the difference after the six weeks. The ultimate goal is to lose 3% body fat – about 0.5% per week.

Within these six weeks, I have a general idea of how I am going to reach my results. My nutrition plan is the 28in28, my bosses nutrition program. My fitness will be a mix of a few different things. Since my hot yoga challenge is not over yet, I am going to continue on with my hot yoga, once, twice, maybe three times a week. I will also be keeping up with my strength workouts by doing Heavy weights in all of the Krush classes that I attend at work. Once the hot yoga month is complete, I will have about four weeks left of the six week challenge. Instead of doing the hot yoga two or three times per week, I will implement true strength and weight training, while using the Krush classes as HIIT training with lighter weights. By doing true weight training three times per week and about two or three HIIT training sessions per week, I should be able to gain muscle while lowering my body fat percentage. At least that’s the plan.

Stay tuned to learn more about what goes right and wrong during the next six weeks!

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