My Month of Hot Yoga

Week 2 Summary

Week 2 flew by! The first weekend of week 2 we had our grand re-opening for my fitness studio. With this occuring, I missed my usual Saturday strength session. I then missed hot yoga on Sunday. In other words, not doing too hot at keeping up my schedule lol! The classes I have attended this week are:

  • Friday, 10/6 Bikram Express Plus
  • Saturday, 10/7 Power Blend
  • Monday, 10/9 Bikram Yoga
  • Wednesday, 10/11 Bikram Yoga

Along with these classes, I did keep my scheduled strength routines on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Saturdays I usually do the KrushKamp in the morning; however, as I said, my studio had their grand re-opening, so I decided to go to yoga in the evening instead. Then, on Wednesday, I didn’t want to stay out so late into the evening (I am a morning person and I don’t like staying up late at all), so instead of going to the church yoga at 7pm like I usually do, I went to hot yoga at 4:30pm, getting me home by 6:30pm.

Four hot yoga sessions in one week seemed pretty good to me, plus two strength sessions. I did pretty golden this week. But, how do I feel, two weeks into my challenge? Not so hot (no pun intended). I really enjoy hot yoga, but I actually do not see myself keeping up with it after I complete this month. I felt so inclined to continue on after the first week, but now, I’m not so sure. So, what is it that I don’t like?

Well, the one major downer is the time. Ninety minutes for one class means one killer workout, but ninety minutes away from my life. Ninety minutes from my boyfriend, responsibilities, and business-building time. Of course I won’t take time from my actual work schedule to go to yoga, so that means I have to go to yoga during my “me” time. Even though I get some great stretching out of hot yoga, I find my mind wandering to things that I should be doing otherwise. I stay focused enough to get the “meditation” benefits out of yoga (which is about the first hour), but after that 60 minute mark, I can’t help but think of things that I could be getting done in this time.

I love hot yoga. No doubt, it is amazing. However, I cannot dedicate that much of my time to something that I don’t feel one-hundred percent about. But, it is only two weeks of four, so I guess I will have to stick it out.

Once thing I realized recently is that I tend to “give up” early. I start challenges and find some reason to give up and stop, or change the challenge, or avoid it all together. My “give up” push is my time. When I made this challenge, I made a decision, to follow through. So, even though I feel inclined to dedicate my time elsewhere, I am going to persevere and finish what I started. Only two and a half weeks left. I can do this. Here’s to the next two weeks!

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