My Month of Hot Yoga

Week 1 Summary

I was SO ready to get back into the studio for my second day of yoga (Saturday). I woke up and smiled, I felt Amazing! I was thinking I would do the afternoon class. Well, I went in to work and ended up burning over 600 calories in the 90 minutes Krush class we have on Saturday mornings. I contemplated going in for yoga anyways. Two workouts in one day wasn’t too bad as long as I recovered afterwards; however, I wanted to do yoga on Sunday after church. So, I took off one day between yoga classes.

That is one of the things I learned very quickly, only being one week into my hot yoga challenge – my body needs rest. I wanted to pump out as many classes as possible while keeping up with my strength exercising at work, but that just isn’t the case. I have found myself stronger through yoga, but at the same time, I have had to take more rest time than usual. I am listening to my body and I am going to take as much time off as needed.

The first week of my month long challenge has been a success overall. Originally I was going to post about each and every class that I went to; however, I quickly realized that after the classes my body and mind were spent! In hot yoga, I find that I can’t really focus on any one subject, but then I feel like I get a lot of “thinking” done within a class. I think it is the energy of the class, the movement of the body, and the stretching of the exhausted muscles that makes my mind wonder and eventually wind down to nothingness. I love hot yoga for this; my work and life are busy and having yoga is a great reliever of stress.

The classes I have experienced so far in my hot yoga challenge are Bikram, Yin, and an Express 60 class. I attended classes on:

That’s right, I only did three days of yoga in week one. Originally I was planning on about five yoga classes within each week, along with my strength work. I ended up skipping the church yoga that I regularly go to on Wednesday nights and I skipped one other scheduled yoga class because something came up at work. I did three strength workouts within that week (Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings). Five out of seven days isn’t bad, but it is a lot less than what I had planned originally; however, as I said above, I am listening to my body, and my body is saying rest. For the next three weeks, I plan on doing at least three days of yoga per week, plus two-three strength workouts. Doing this, I will have plenty of time to rest and recover.

Sidenote: I had posted a picture of my after a hot yoga class on my Instagram story and I had someone comment asking me if I have noticed any significant flexibility changes since starting.

Well, it’s only been one week. I am not anticipating any huge changes to come to my body but I have hope. In my first class post (linked above in green), I mentioned that one of my goals is to stand on one leg with the other outstretched in front of me. I was actually able to accomplish this for a few seconds in my most recent class! It wasn’t for very long and my form wasn’t as good as it could have been, but hey, I did it! I am hoping to extend that hold. As for any other flexibility-abilities, I haven’t come across any that jump out at me. Since doing a lot of strength work recently, I have always made sure to foam roll and stretch before and after classes/workouts, so I do have decent flexibility. I have never considered myself overly stiff or super bendy either, just average. I do think that my regular stretching routine helps me with my hot yoga performance though.

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